Black Conductive EVA Foams

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Black Conductive EVA Foams ESD PE Foam ESD PU Foam             


1 excellent anti-static performance, surface resistivity and volume resistivity is very stable, , at the same time, according to the customer requirement between adjusted
2 long term anti-static
3 with anti-static propertiesin not affect by environment or dry humidity
4 environmental protection, non-toxic, no odor
5 shockproof
6 and good performance: Cutting, adhesive processed into customer requirements of various shapes
25IXPETechnical parameters of 40kg/m3 conductivity IXPE foam

Item Unit /CEP /DEP
Surface resistivity square 103_106 106_1010
Volume resistivity cm 103_106 106_1010
Tensile strength MPA >0.5 >0.5
Elongation % >150 >150
Tearing Stength N/mm >1.2 >1.2
Density Kg/m3 30-45 30-45
Electrostatic Attenuating time
S <0.5 <.5
Abrasive Potential V <100 <100.


Conductive foam also known as ESD or Electrostatic Dissipative is used in many branches of industry as an effective method to control static electricity and risks due to electrostatic discharge. The performance of ESD foam in managing static electricity is usually evaluated by the measurement of Surface Resistivity.

Anti-static foam is produced by compounding PE with some special padding and foaming material, then cross linked by foaming. The conductivity EVA and IXPE foam is a hi-tech ESD product which has very good anti-static property, it is an ideal packing material for optoelectronic devices and microelectronics devices, integrated circuit, printed circuit board, communications, military products etc.

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